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For most of us, 2020 was the toughest year yet. Everything looked different. Everything felt harder. Fitness among so many things had to shift. Our mental and physical health took a toll as we managed all the stress and lifestyle changes due to the pandemic. This year we are taking the time to start 2021 strong. We are focusing on feeling better through better habits (sleep, movement, hydration and nutrition) and slowing down to lay the groundwork for building strength at the gym. 

Creating change can be a tough grind but small changes that lead to better habits can add up big over time. At first we have to focus on the little things: making time for movement, tracking how much water we drink during the day, getting a full night’s sleep and planning and shopping for meals that nourish and fuel our bodies.  Day after day we put in the hard work until one day it becomes part of who we are and our daily routine. At first the results may be subtle like more energy during the day, a better night’s sleep, and feeling stronger among other positive body composition changes. After a while we start to notice that our attitude changes from the stress relief of consistent movement and the healthy lifestyle we have created. The better attitude then leads to handling stress better which improves our personal lives, family lives and other relationships. It compounds over time; we can focus more clearly, our bodies move and function better, and we take on any challenge more productively. This is how we become stronger more resilient beings. Investing the time and energy in the small trivial decisions every day will greatly impact our mental and physical health over time. Progress can be slow and steady. Your health and wellbeing is worth the journey but it all starts with the first step. You got this. We are with you.  


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