A Strong Core: Prenatal and postpartum fitness

Safe and effective group classes for the pregnant or postpartum mama that is supportive, individualized and evolving during this transitional and vulnerable time.

All moms are athletes

We are either squatting to pick up our babies/kids from the floor, pushing and lifting strollers, carrying our babies/kids, and even sprinting after them too. If pregnant, we focus on functional movements and keeping you pain and symptom free throughout the pregnancy. When postpartum, we shift to rebuilding your capacity through healing and a basic, trustworthy strength progression. With time and work, you will learn how to create better habits with movement and feel stronger in your everyday life.


Core and pelvic floor health is the priority

Our core provides stability and balance in everything we do. Our approach is not just about modifying exercises but instead creating a supportive strategy to help each mother individually navigate through such a transitional time.

Support and Guidance

Pregnant and postpartum mamas need a coach who understands and respects their mindset, goals, body, beliefs and concerns about their training now and any long term goals. We are here to listen and work with you.

Connection and community

We are a community of moms who range from high level athletes to moms who just want to lift up their kids without discomfort. We are all connected through motherhood with the same end goal: feel better, feel stronger, feel more capable.

No strength and conditioning experience required

Programming focuses on functional fitness for everyday movement that includes full body exercises that accommodates all fitness levels. With a self paced format, you should always feel encouraged and empowered to move at your own speed. It is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy and it’s never too late to start postpartum.

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